What Should You Cook For A Romantic Dinner For Two

If you’re looking to create a private and romantic moment, then why not prepare a simple but special meal ‘just for the two of you’? Here are some ideas for setting the scene and what you can serve up without spending a fortune in the process.

The scene

  • Clean white linen tablecloth or, if patterned, not too gaudy.
  • Single red rose in a vase in the centre (or another favourite flower) as solitaire.
  • Polished lead crystal goblets.
  • Subdued background lighting.
  • Single candle near rose in centre of table – slightly to one side so that it is not in the direct line of sight between you.

The meal

Pizza – get one delivered (so that there is no smell of cooking and no panic about burning it). Don’t choose anything too spicy as it will make your breath smell and may give you wind! Have some chilled white wine or even cold beer on hand to wash it down with.

Oysters with pasta and salad – very traditional but do make sure that the oysters are fresh and properly cooked as otherwise they can make you ill. Have a variety of salad dressings and pick a nice Frizzante white wine.

Salmon steak, white rice with asparagus tips in oyster sauce – perfect for the health conscious and nice and light if you want to be more energetic later. A chilled Chablis would be a good accompaniment.

Spaghetti Bolognese (or meatballs) – very messy but good fun to eat and your white tablecloth may suffer a bit. A Chianti could be a good choice to drink alongside it. Make sure that you give it time to breathe first.

Barbecued ribs in spicy sauce with salad and jacket potatoes – have a bowl to put the bones in so that they don’t clutter your plates. A hot and spicy meal that suggests passion. Why not try something that will clean your palate like cold dry cider?

Trout Caroline with brown rice and steamed vegetables – a simple and healthy dish that is quite easy to prepare if you wrap the fish in baking foil with a knob of butter. A chilled hock wine will provide a complementary flavour to the meal.

T-bone steak, chips and peas or beans – how to tell a man you really love him! It may be a bit heavy for some, though. Wash it down with some extra-strong lager or a bottle of a real ale ‘special’.

Chicken Kiev, new potatoes, carrots and broccoli – a bit adventurous if you stay clear of the awful frozen version. A bottle of a light French white wine will be perfect to go with it.

Sushi with noodles and salad – not to everyone’s taste so be certain before you serve it. Make sure that the Sushi is fresh (perhaps there is a Japanese restaurant you can get it from) and try to get hold of a bottle of Sake to drink alongside to give it extra authenticity.

Chicken wings, chips and corn on the cob – easy to prepare and universally acceptable. Have various dips on hand for the chicken wings. Why not make some sangria to go with this fun meal?

Crown rack of lamb, fresh vegetables and minted new potatoes – traditional and filling but it will take several hours to cook. Serve with home-made mint sauce and a full-bodied red wine.

Good luck with your romantic dinner. Cheers!

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