Surprise Date Ideas

Are you looking to dazzle your partner with an exciting date idea? Or perhaps you have met someone new and want to impress them with your spirit of originality? Have they (or you) become a bit bored with your usual date ideas – you know, the ‘let’s go for a drink / meal / walk’ routine?  Instead of getting into a rut or trying to sound enthusiastic about the same dull destinations, why not give something exciting and new a whirl? If you are up for it, here are five different ideas for you to try out.

Treasure hunt

The ‘added value’ concept comes into its own with a treasure hunt. Leave your partner a mysterious note referring them to somewhere else in the house (such as in the refrigerator, cupboard or bathroom). This, in turn, refers them to another place and so on. Finally, after, say, three or four notes, and when you feel that they’re getting hot under the collar, decide to put them out of their misery. The last note should contain the details of a hotel room number where you will be waiting for them with room service ordered and a ‘Do not disturb’ note on the door.

Blanket on the ground

Take the old Tammy Wynette song to heart and plan a midnight picnic – even if it is only on your own lawn (as long as it is at the rear and relatively secluded). Check the weather forecast first and remember that, even in mid-summer, it can get a bit chilly in the evening. You don’t want your partner sitting there shivering so make sure that you have a wrap or blanket as well as a thermos of hot chocolate on hand, just in case. If you like C & W music, play the song and laugh about it.

If music be the food of love …

It is unlikely that you and your partner will entirely coincide on your musical tastes and it could be that you have reached a sort of middle ground whereby you only listen to the songs that you both like. Now is the time to close your ears and think of your other half. Book a ticket for a gig or concert for something that he or she would really like to attend. When the evening arrives, get them to dress appropriately on the pretence of going for a drink somewhere new and take them to the concert as a surprise.

A right royal feast

Book a chauffeur-driven limousine to collect your partner from home or work and have them delivered to an up-market restaurant where you are waiting. A nice touch is to have a little gift or a bouquet of flowers in the car for them. Choose somewhere that your date would like to go and really splash out – tonight is not the night to count the cost. Take the limousine back home or go to a four or five-star hotel.

Trains and boats and planes

Go to one of the last minute travel sites and put in a bid for the first place that takes your fancy. Pack the minimum, travel light and get on that train, plane or boat and put your old life behind you for a few days. Try or for short notice deals or, for something really romantic, book a standby cruise from as little as £44 per night.

Don’t get stuck in a rut. Arrange a surprise date and you will have fond memories of it for years to come.

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