Speed Dating: Getting The Mix Right

Some companies organize events that have slightly more rigid rules as part of the selection process. They ensure that there are equal numbers of men and women at each event, and that they are of a similar age, lifestyle and even economic background. This means that you are assured of meeting someone that you will actually want to spend time with.  There are also some speed dating companies who have more relaxed events with a bigger mix of people coming from different backgrounds and lifestyles.

While speed dating has been mocked as being a way for busy executives to find a social life, it is so much more than that. Everyone has been on at least one blind date, where they knew in the first three minutes that they either wanted to get to know the person better or they just knew that it was not going to work out, ever. The phrase “I just knew he was the one for me when we first met!” has been said billions of times and that, quite simply, is because it is absolutely true.

The usual length of a timed date at a speed dating event is three minutes, which gives both parties the chance to introduce themselves and offer up a bit of information about their lives or what they are interested in, without feeling any pressure to have a lengthy conversation if it is not working out.

The knack of putting together the right mix of people is what has made the London speed dating companies so popular. The best way to join one of the events is to find a Speed dating professional on the internet. There will usually be a registration process where, you are encouraged to submit as much information as possible about yourself and about what you are looking for in a partner. There may be a small fee payable by credit card, but there are also walk-in events that one can find to attend. There are even websites that cater to niche markets, such as gay speed dating events, Christian speed dating. The chances of meeting someone that you are compatible with on a speed dating event is much higher than any other form of blind dating.

What happens after the event of course is up to you…and the help of an arrow straight to your heart from Cupid!

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