Some Romantic Ideas For First Dates

You’ve probably heard that modern cliché “dinner and a movie”.  First dates (and second dates, and third dates, etcetera) consist of going out to a moderately priced dinner and then taking in a flick before depositing your date at her stop or door.  Not to knock dinner and a movie, because, well, it’s a cliché for a reason, but there isn’t a lot of variety or spontaneity associated with it.  Surely, you can do better and set yourself apart from the herd by coming up with something more original?  This article is here to help you plan and execute the perfect, romantic date by providing you with ideas for where to go and what to do:

  • Movie and a dinner.  I know what you’re thinking.  Didn’t I just knock “dinner and a movie”?  Yes, but I didn’t knock a movie and dinner.  Dinner allows for talking and getting to know someone.  How do most people follow that up?  By sitting through a movie for two hours in a quiet theatre.  Any progress made during dinner is irreversibly stifled.  Reverse the order and see a provocative movie before you eat.  Taking your date to dinner at a restaurant that specializes in serving late-night clientele is always tres chic.  The movie will give you something to discuss over a candlelit dinner.  How Continental!
  • Going for walk.  Getting coffee and just walking with someone you care about is one of those superfine things in life that also happens to be cheap.  Being outdoors is always romantic because it allows you to breathe in, take things slow.  And coffee, in addition to being one of everyone’s favourite things to drink also revs up the senses.  Hold hands, talk, swing arms…but remember to take it slow.  Modern life is always so rushed.  Take a walk with nowhere particular to go, and you will be surprised where it leads you.
  • Go to the museums.  Sure we’ve all done the museum thing whilst in school, but sometimes we forget as adults how much fun it is to just wander through a museum looking at all its treasures.  Whether art or history is your thing there is usually a museum to please anyone and everyone.  British museums are famous for their historical collections and with all of the traveling exhibits even if you went this past year there is still something new to be seen.  Besides, suggesting a museum makes you appear intellectual and mature.
  • Jazz clubs.  There is something about jazz that just speaks to the soul of the romantic—and if it doesn’t speak to yours, fake it!  Jazz clubs evoke images of more romantic times, hipper times if truth be known.  Face it, which is more romantic, watching a no name band cover old Arctic Monkeys or a lone trumpet playing evoking Miles Davis?  Exactly.
  • Anything Jane.  And by “Jane” I mean Miss Jane Austen.  Women love Jane Austen.  They love Jane Austen books.  They love Jane Austen movies.  They even buy Jane Austen t-shirts!  Yes, it’s true.  The “I love Mr. Darcy” sweatshirt is one of Signals catalogue’s best sellers.  If you want to appear romantic, then pick a Jane.  Rent the Jane Austen Book Club or Bridget Jones Diary, and if you have the stomach for it and really hope to impress a girl…rent Pride and Prejudice.  Any one will do, be it the BBC version or the theatrical.  Women don’t care.  They will just be happy that you thought of Jane.  For that matter, get on her good side by purchasing her a hard cover version of an Austen novel at the shops and watch her eyes light up.
  • Take a drive to the country.  Everyone loves a day out of Town.  It allows you to clear your head and just detox from city life.  Road trips are famous for their romance.  Just look at the movies for examples of this.  The passing scenery, the country sights and smells…all of these things combine to make a couple feel like letting down their hair.  If you are really trying to impress, refer to the last “Anything Jane” bullet and make it a Jane Austen road trip by visiting an “Austen” location.
  • Dancing.  Yes, it is true.  Dancing is considered “romantic” to women.  Always has been, always will be.  Women love to be taken in a man’s arms and danced around, unfortunately.  If you take her dancing within three minutes of your dropping her off at the doorstep a global text will go out to all her best mates telling them she had the best night of her life!
  • Cook something.  Nothing warms a woman’s heart like a man in the kitchen.  Your cooking even the simplest of meals will impress.  Women find a man’s efforts in the kitchen to be both endearing and charming.  Just don’t try to overdo and go Naked Chef on her.  The last thing you need is a fire in the kitchen and 999 showing up.  Italian is fairly easy to cook, so start with a pasta dish.  Oh, and don’t forget the wine!  Wine and pasta is far more romantic than a pint over bangers.
  • The Trifecta.  The last item on the list is for those daring to impress (or those who are knee deep in trouble—you know who you are!)  Invite your girl over to a meal cooked by you.  Play jazz in the background whilst cooking and eating.  Create ambience with candle light and flowers on the table.  After you eat, take her hand and dance with her beside the table.  Finish the night off on the couch with a Jane Austen movie in the player.  You absolutely cannot go wrong and the date will definitely be a four page entry in her diary and you will live on as legend!

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