Online Speed Dating

Online speed dating is a relatively recent concept. Before the advent of VOIP and the huge improvements to carriers such as SKYPE and Messenger made possible by faster uplink speeds, such a service would have been completely impractical. Nowadays most people have webcams and microphones or, if not, they can soon purchase one for a few pounds; so being seen and heard by the whole world is just a click away.

Online speed dating is similar to its ‘real’ equivalent but, without the overheads of advertising and the hire of a room, it can be offered free of charge. However, there is nothing in this world that is truly free and you need to register in order to access the service. In doing so, the speed dating host can make money by trying to sell you ancillary services.

Is online speed dating effective, though? What can it offer that ‘real’ dating can’t?

Its principal advantages are:


There is no point in meeting people who you are clearly not going to be compatible with. For example, you may wish to exclude smokers, drinkers, people outside a specific age range, those that are separated or recently-divorced and so on. By merely selecting a few radio buttons on a form, you can save time and embarrassment by removing such people from your shortlist.

Complete privacy

There is no event to attend, no-one to see you and no embarrassment to suffer. Your friends only know about it if you tell them.

No embarrassment from rejection

No-one witnesses you being turned down and there is absolutely no chance of ever seeing the other person again unlike in a ‘real’ event where the dates are all likely to be local.

Greater safety

Since you are already at home, there is no possibility of someone stalking you. Your dates only know what you choose to tell them and now is much too early for them to know where you live.

Huge potential

The world is your oyster. How far are you prepared to travel to find your Mr or Mrs Right?

Not being put off by others

Your fellow online speed daters are completely invisible to you therefore you cannot be upstaged by anyone. If you are a bit lacking in confidence, this may be vital.

It’s free!

Not costing anything means you can attend as many speed dating events as time permits. Unfortunately being free means that more people will have the same idea, too.

No travel involved

This is wonderful for single parents for whom paying a child-minder may make the event prohibitively expensive. Single parents are also statistically less desirable therefore have to attend more events than those without children. Not having to travel is also very important for disabled people for whom such an event can be a major exercise in logistics.

Once you have decided that you like each other, the next step in a speed dating event is to have an extended meeting in a private chat room. Only after several of these should you arrange a public place to meet up.

However convenient though, online speed dating can never be a substitute for actually pressing the flesh.

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