Indian Speed Dating

It’s not always as simple to find love as it was in ‘Bend it like Beckham’. Being of Indian decent in Britain today can still be a challenge, and many people of India have started to turn to different forms of dating in order to find true love. Indian speed dating is relatively new to the speed dating scene, but it has taken off like a bomb and is sweeping through the Indian communities in England. Britain has one of the largest communities of Indian people outside of India, and while it might have been alright to enter into the traditional form of an arranged marriage, not all Indian singles are prepared to wait for their perfect partner to appear. Using one of the Indian speed dating services ensures that you are able to meet someone who comes from the same background and culture as you do. It is the perfect way to meet other people of Indian descent who are living in Britain and who are also looking for love.

Speed dating was started in Los Angeles in 1998 by a Rabbi, who wanted to organise an event for Jewish singles in his community. The Jewish community used to rely heavily on the services of a ‘matchmaker’, as did the Indian community with the concept of an arranged marriage between families. With the rapid advancement of the modern age and globalisation, the concept of a third party organising your relationship fell away, bit since the advent of speed dating it has come back into fashion; with a little bit more control from your side. With an organised event by one of the Indian speed dating services, you are ensured of having the final say in whether or not you will find love. With Indian speed dating, the choice is yours.

There are a number of professional Asian dating agencies in the United Kingdom, that cover a range of cultures, including Hindu, Sikh and Muslim singles events. The entire concept of speed dating is that it is a relaxed and fun way of finding a person who is compatible with you and your culture and background. Sometimes the Asian community in England has found it hard to bridge the gap between the more traditional way of finding a partner and the obviously western and modern way of doing things.

Speed dating has more than filled this gap. It is a phenomenon that has garnered worldwide attention and popularity. Speed dating is the perfect way to find a match and a soul mate who has the same heritage and religious convictions as you do, while remaining firmly modern and professional. Many of the users of Indian speed dating websites are professional people who are 2nd and 3rd generation people of Asian descent who want to maintain their cultural and religious heritage without losing touch with the modern world in which they live and work.

For the most part, the Indian speed dating events are held in the large cities in England. There are a number of monthly events held in London, Birmingham and Leicester, which are very popular and attract a group of people who are professional, upwardly mobile single men and women of Indian descent who are looking for love and to find that perfect partner. The events are strictly controlled and well organised so there is no risk to your personal safety, and you do not have to be in an environment that is contrary to your culture and your upbringing. Speed dating events are the perfect place to meet members of the opposite sex who are interested in the same things that you are, who are determined to maintain their heritage and who are looking for love. Really, with Indian speed dating you can find your perfect match.

A typical Indian speed dating event takes place over the course of an evening. Up to 30 people meet in a relaxed and private setting where they will engage in mini dates lasting anywhere from two to five minutes. At the end of each ‘date’ a bell will sounds and you will have to move onto the next person. The name speed dating does not stem from the fact that the event is rushed, but from the fact that the meeting time is much shorter than a normal blind date. This means that if you are not compatible with the person you are talking to, you will not have to endure an entire evening with them. If you do feel that spark of attraction then you will be able to mark your scorecard with a resounding “Yes!” and if the person who you are talking to has also marked their score card then the organisers will ensure that you are able to exchange numbers after the event. What happens after that is up to you and the magic of love.

Indian speed dating has become immensely popular and one of the reasons for this is that the applicants are screened very carefully before they are allowed to join the event. This ensures the safety of all the attendees as well as ensuring that you will be meeting people that share the same commitment to religion as well as culture. There is no point in meeting someone who has completely divergent views about the raising of children or the role of the different genders within a relationship. With a properly organised Indian speed dating event, you will be able to relax and get on with the task of finding someone who really rocks your world. Join one of the professional and secure online Asian dating agencies who will be able to help you find an event that is close to you. You will be surprised at how much fun finding love can be.

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