Flirting Tips for Dummies

The art of flirting is ancient. Since the dawn of time, humans have engaged in some form of practiced or artificially charming behavior for the purpose of encouraging the object of their desire to give them a second, third, or fourth glance. Some cultures have even created entire art forms, like the Geisha, to entice the affection and interest of other humans. The question on the table is “why”? Is it really all that difficult to get someone to notice you that you must paint your face and learn extravagant tea ceremonies? The answer to this question is “yes and no”. It isn’t difficult to get someone’s attention. It is even always difficult to keep it. It is, however, sometimes difficult to get someone to act on their own desires. People are afraid of looking foolish. Many times attraction goes unrealized by two people because one of the two (or even both) has no idea if the attraction is mutual. This is where flirting comes in. Flirting tells the other person: “Hey, I like you!” It is a gesture or witty turn of the phrase; a double entendre that lets someone know that you would be interested in seeing where things go with them. This article intends to show men and women a bit about how the other things and now to flirt in such a way that there is no doubt as to your affections.

For Men

The first thing that men need to realize is that in spite of women’s liberation efforts, in spite of everything women may say on television, women still wish to be pursued. If a woman has to pursue you it comes at such a blow to her own ego that at some point in the future, this may even be years down the road, you will pay for it. It may be in tea that is too hot, or a pair of two hundred pound shoes, but you will pay for it. Therefore, if you are nervous and afraid you still need to gum up and make a go before she does.

Flirting with a woman can be done in two ways: through use of humor or outright sexual innuendo.

Making a woman laugh is the great equalizer. Men who aren’t handsome or wealthy can still be a hot commodity if they can make a woman laugh. You see this with comics like Jerry Seinfeld, Noel Fielding, or with that loud bloke down at the pub with the beautiful bird on his arm. You can literally look like a crow in sparkly tights and a feathered boa if you’re funny. Don’t believe us, ask the Monty Python boys. If you’ve got a good sense of humor and use it to entertain a woman that in itself is flirting. It is specialised speech for the sole purpose of getting a woman to like you.

Sexual innuendo is the other way that men can get a woman’s attention. How far down the path of sexual commentary you go is rather dependent upon these things: your face and your monetary situation. A man who looks like Johnny Depp or Tom Hardy can get away with a lot more than a man who looks like Kim Jong II, and a man with Bill Gates’s money can usually get away with murder. If you are a handsome sort the truth is that you can be a lot more forward in your innuendo and double entendre, but if you are fair to middling then you may wish to reference the above commentary on humor and make your innuendo funny.

For Women

Unlike your male counterpart, your job is to show both a level of availability and untouchability. Difficult, quite. Men don’t value what they don’t work for, but at the same time if you seem too out of reach many of them won’t spark up enough courage to pursue you. Therefore, your flirting must be more nuanced and stylish—a toss of the hair whilst letting forth a Julia Roberts bark of laughter, or an Angelina Jolie style eyelash bat that says “come hither”. If you are not Kiera Knightly or Emma Watson’s twin cousin from abroad and perhaps have a little more padding around the middle or a grill more like that of Queen Victoria than of Kate Beckinsale you might want to take a note from the male playbook and be funny.

Everyone on earth loves to laugh. They love to laugh, smile, and let go of their troubles if only for a moment or two. When you make someone laugh they instantly feel kinder and more inclined towards you. A sense of humor is always well received by everyone. Self-deprecating humor allows you to point out your own flaws in a funny light without appearing catty as outwardly directed humor can do.

In summation, the best form of flirtation is having a laugh. You can see it in the movies. You can see it in the park. You can see it on the tube. Laughter makes you feel good. So if you can, be funny. And if you can’t, allow yourself to be entertained. People who are naturally humorous love to entertain. Flirting doesn’t require years of education in the art of song and poetry. Flirting doesn’t require hair like Julia Roberts or a body like Tom Hardy to get results. It is the simple art of making the other person enjoy themselves in your company.

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